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    Changing Serial Numbers

    Keith Christle

      either through a transition, dispatch, or some other method, i would like to change the serial number that the part is using. Effectively, i want to change from a preliminary number to a prduction number. I am currently lost on how to achieve this and any suggestions/tips/instructions would be greatly appreciated. we are using EPDM 2010.





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          Is there anything that makes a preliminary number different from a production number? Do you know what the production number will be ahead of time?
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              Keith Christle
              The preliminary numbers are of a different series then production numbers which is why i dont want to assign a number when the file is created, and they are assigned as products are actually approved for manufacturing. Im really just looking to see if there is a built in way to have a file switch which serial number it references in its datacard.
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              Jeff Walters

              Since the data card is what is pulling the number unless you put the file in a different folder you cannot have a single control use two different variables. However you could set up something using control logic. You can make one using the preliminary counter, a second using the production counter, a third to use as your control logic. The third I would make a combobox using the free text preliminary and production using a variable say “counter_control”. The way it would work is like this; in your transition you can set the variable to whichever one you want. Then using control logic you can hide the production control if the variable = preliminary and visa versa. You can also use control logic to hide the “counter_control” (if you want) if it = preliminary or production so the users won’t see it. The down side to this is it will be pulling a number from both counters for every file.

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                Joy Garon

                Keith -


                Two options:


                1) Use two different data cards (one saved in the Preliminary folder using the preliminary serial number and one for all other files using the production serial number), then when ready use a Dispatch routine that: 1) copies the file from the Preliminary folder to the Production folder and 2) deletes the original from the Preliminary folder. Downside is that you lose the history of the original file. (see attached movie file)


                2) Write an add-in that changes it when triggered.