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    Table Text Font Height

    Glenn Douglas
      I have a general table in a drawing. In one of the cells I'm linking the manufacturers part number from the model. All of text in the cells is set to 'Use Document Font'  all of the text is the same heights except the linked cell. The linked cell is slightly smaller. Changing the font height doesn't change the actual height of the text. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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          Dwight Livingston

          I'll confirm that a paste operation does preserve the old font instead of using the page font. For me this has been a pain with other windows programs as well. Wish SW would not persist in this practice, but there it is.


          If this problem doesn't come up often for you, then just first paste the text into Notepad, then cut and paste from there. If it comes up a lot, then you might want to use a program like http://clipboard-text-scrubber.en.softonic.com/ to remove text formating. You can run it when you need it or have it work full time.