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    Adding Standard Notes to Library SW2010

    Daen Hendrickson

      We are using SW2010 with SP2.1.


      I am in the business of cleaning up some of our processes and the task I am starting now is to move many of our standard notes into the design library for easy reuse. We did a small amount of this in the past.


      But now I can not figure out how we did it. I have my note in a new blank drawing, I select it and RMC to look for the "add to library" option but it isn't there. Drag and drop into the library doesn't work. I am thinking this is a really silly question, but had the top crack minds of the company all staring at my monitor with me saying "uh..."


      Am I missing the obvious (high probability) or has SW changed things up in 2010 (high probability) or should I just go home and have a beer (absolute certainty)?