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    Key Point turns red and motion doesn't animate

    Greg Morehouse

      I'm on about my 6th SW animation and still struggling with the random events that unexpectedly occur. I'm on 2009 and 2010 with the latest service packs with a SW certified graphics card, ample ram.


      The main issue I am struggling with currently is that I have a part defined by two coincident mates and a limit distance mate that I want to animate linear motion between the limits. I have successfully animated the same part in the past in the same assembly with the same mates. When I set the second keypoint and drag the object into position it puts the green line in between the points and shows the object in the correct location. When the motion study is calculated the object doesn't move and the second keypoint turns red. When I hover over the second keypoint the object jumps to its correct position.


      Has anyone encountered this (surely) and is there an easy fix? I normally end up redoing my whole animation as a workaround.



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          Jeff Mowry

          Greg, this is something that's frustrated me with Animator for years.  I've never been able to solve this issue in an animation, and have always had to redo the animation from scratch to overcome the issue.  However, when you redo it (I create a literal script with times for each motion, chronologically documenting every event in the animation--saves time), grab the part that's causing the problem by something else next time.  If you picked a surface the first time, pick the whole component (in the tree) next time (and vice versa).  If you picked an entire sub-assembly, try selecting only a part in that sub-assembly (and vice versa).  Essentially, do something different from the first time, because as long as your mates are set to allow a move, it can be done in Animator--you just have to wade through all the weeds to get there first (VERY buggy add-in, with secret rules of motion that take lots of experience and hair loss to decrypt).


          But every once in a while, you'll find that one time Animator will run an animation (I generally render them for presentation purposes), and the next time it won't.  I had one like this that involved some complicated rules for getting a lift gate to operate properly (for Tommy Gate).  It only successfully rendered one time, which explains why the camera views aren't quite perfect on the final animation (web compression notwithstanding).  It would never run through the animation after that first rendered pass without significant FUBAR.  You can see that one from this page at the Tommy Gate site, called the "Rail Gate Series":



          If you like, contact me by email and perhaps I can offer more direct advice--after you've lost a bit more of your hair.

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            Kieran Choy
            Try changing (or supressing) the limit mate to a simple distance mate. You can then change the value of the distance over time instead (double click on the mate in the animation tree to pull up the value) - see if that works.
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              Morten Pedersen

              Hmmm.. I see this were a problem back in 2010.. and it still haven't been fixed?

              as I am having the same issue with Solidworks 2017.