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    Conver to DWG/DXF problems!



      I have been converting a whole bunch of sheet metal parts to CAD format and as strange as it sounds, only one of them, when converting to flat pattern will only show a line (side view of the part and not the typical top). I even tried tochange the alignments and did not help at all. Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance

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          Anna Wood

          One of the files will not convert?  Your query is not quite clear and I am assuming that is what you are trying to ask.


          Can you post the offending file?


          Are you selecting the face you wish to be your flat pattern before selecting Save As?


          You might try creating a configuration called flat blank and actually showing the flat blank in your sldprt file, then select the face and File Save As.





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              What i meant by one, was that i dont experience the problem with every single part i want to convert. Typically when choosing to "save as" any sheet metal part to DXF/DWG, youre given the option to choose it to convert as sheet metal. This will ensure all the entities including the bend lines are converted and indicated in the DXF file. In the case of this one particular part, it get converted to sheet metal in DXF, but it shows the flatt pattern from the side instead of top! meaning that it only displays the thickness of the sheetmetal part. Hope that cleared the confusion.