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Get values for Surface area and perimeter

Question asked by James Canney on Apr 12, 2010

I have a part with 100 configurations, very simple only one feature. A design table is used to creat 100 configs of the part.


Does anyone know a way to automatically return values to the design table for the following:


1. The surface area

2. The length of the top edge (see the driven dim in the attached part

3. The perimeter of the part


I have attached the model with DT, sorry it's a 2008 file.


Alternativly just force a rebuild and pull the figures I need in to an external source, Excel, Notepad or some other.


I know I can do this manually, but I have 12 parts to do this on so that means going in to 1200 configs and recording the values manually. Hopefully there is an automatic way.


Thanks in advance for any help on this.