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    Dimension Questions

    Jason Rackley

      I am trying to get my SolidWorks drawing to look like AutoCAD, but I can't seem to find the correct options and I was hoping some of you guys could help me out.


      I. When I change the dimension to fraction it adds the " to the end.  Is there a way to suppress the unit for fractional dimensions? For example instead of 8 3/8" I want 8 3/8.  AutoCAD had an option to change the "Unit format" to "Fractional" and "Architectural".  "Fractional" did not include the tic marks, and "Architectural" did.


      II.  Is there a way to change how a fraction stacks?  AutoCAD has an option call "Fraction format:" which allows you to choose whether the fraction is "horizontal", "diagonal", and "not stacked".  Does SolidWorks have a similar option?


      III.  How do you dimension the full length of a slot in a drawing?  If you select the radiuses it measures from the center of each radius instead of the end.

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          John Burrill

          Go to Tools==>Options and on the document properties tab, Dimensions panel, there's a set of controls to modify the display of fractions.

          Note the 'how double prime mark" control.  That's probably what's causing the inch mark to show.

          These settings are saved in the document.  You can modify them in your templates so that new drawings display the way you want them to .Let me know

          There are a couple of things your should know about dimensioning a slot (or to the outside of a circle or arc).  To do this on the fly, hold down your shift key while creating the dimension and pick close to the side you want to dimension.  To a dimension between arcs (not centerpoints), pick the dimension, and in the property manager(left of screen), activate the leaders tab.  You'll see radio buttons desribing your arc condition.  change the settings to minimum, maximum or center.  Minimum and maximum are based on the value of the resulting dimension


          let me know how it works out.



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            Brian Lindahl

            12444 wrote:


            I am trying to get my SolidWorks drawing to look like AutoCAD,

            Maybe this is problem #1.  Etch-a-SketchCAD has so many setting for dimensions and notes that are sooo free-form, that users typically don't know what "standards" require.

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                Jason Rackley
                You may be right, but I'm not a draftsman and I don't know the standards.  Our company has been using AutoCAD for years now, and they are stuck in their ways.  I am not really in a position to tell the lead draftsman, who's been here for 15+ years, that he is doing it wrong.
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                  Peter De Vlieger

                  Do keep in mind that not everyone uses the same standards.


                  E.g.: in piping the question isn't so much if the drawing is to standards but to which of the myriad standards it is expected to adhere to because the standards for Exxon aren't the same as the ones for Dupont let alone the ones that were developed in other countries.


                  You may scoff about the many settings for dimensions and notes in other programs but not everyone can or have to follow the same narrow set of rules