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    Page setup

    Peter De Vlieger

      I know I must be doing something wrong but I can't find the answer anywhere


      What do I have to do to have the page setup remember the drawing color setting so that I don't constantly have the alter it from Automatic to Color/gray scale.


      I'm ashamed to admit that I simply don't seem to find a way.

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          Stephen Burke
          I think its a Template setting. You'll need to set it and save as a Template.
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              Peter De Vlieger

              That's what I thought as well but the question then is how do I set it so that the template will remember it.


              I open a drawing (with the intention of saving it as the new template)

              Do the necessary changes to the settings that I want the document to have

              Go to page setup to set the printer settings for the intended template

              Save it as a template

              Close it

              Open the new template and the drawing color selection is still Automatic instead of Color/gray

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                  Derek Bishop



                  It sounds like a printer setting. Do you have a way of saving a page setup in the print window. You could also try to select the B&W setting and save to the default printer setup.

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                      Peter De Vlieger



                      I'm setting it up for a plotter which we use for some different formats (A0, A1, A2 and A3). The plotter selects automatically between 2 roll sizes.

                      The plotter (Oce TCS300) can be set in color or grey or B&W mod. We always use colours.


                      All the other settings (scale - orientation - paper size - etc.) in the page setup box it remembers.

                      If I leave it on Automatic though it prints everything out in B&W although the plotter is set for colour.

                      When I put it on Color/Grey and do a print then it comes out as we want. Now if it would *@#é$ remember that setting I would be happy.

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                      Stephen Burke

                      Hi Peter,


                      I tried it there and it works fine for me on SW2010 SP2.1


                      File -> New -> Drawing

                      File -> Page Setup. Change options as required.

                      File -> Save As -> Drawing Template Type. Save it into your Templates Folder (as in Tools -> Options -> File Locations).

                      File -> New -> Drawing Tempate from above

                      File -> Page Setup. The options should be correct.

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                      Thanks Steven, that took one more little annoyance out of my SW experience.