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Using Design Tables to Modify Dims on Same Part

Question asked by 1-QLQWXI on Apr 10, 2010
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I may be asking alot here, and I may not.... we'll see:


I work for an Endmill manufacturing company and my job is to design "specials" (non-stock) items. All the tools we make have a few common features.


A revolved feature from a 2D sketch

A shank diameter

A tip diameter

An linear overall length

A linear length of cut

A 5% chamfer equation that is driven by the overall length and the shank diameter


Some tools will also include:

Chamfers or radii at different points on the tool

Shank undercuts

Weldon or #1 flats on the shank

Dished or angled drill tips


Here is my objective:

     I would like to be able to draw one master that would include all of the above listed features and use a Design Table to plug in dimensions for the tool I was designing. However, if for instance the tool did not have a Shank Undercut, I could leave the dimensions that made that feature blank or suppressed and that feature would no show on the part or the subsequent drawing.


I am finishing up an AutoCAD degree but an newly employed in a company that employs Solidworks (thank God. I never knew 3D could be so easy.), so I only have a basis idea of how Design Tables operate. Am I expecting too much out of the software here, or is this feasible?


I tried to provide enough info as possible... if someone is not clear on my design intent let me know and I will try to give examples.


Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!