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New workstation, strange behavior

Question asked by Valerie Feehan on Apr 12, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2010 by Anna Wood

We have 2 new HP Z400 XP-64bit workstations with 8GB RAM and Nvidia graphics Quadro FX 1800 cards.  Both machines have been set up

identically, both have SW 2010 X64 SP 2.1 installed. One is really great, the other one is not so great. SW opens a little more slowly on this

PC, and when you try to open any document on this system, it literally takes a few minutes.  If you want then try do do anything, it takes even longer.  It's like each keystroke or mouse click bogs it way down.  As I watch the temp folder SW uses, about every 30 seconds it creates an add'l 2 SW temp directories (an all the temp directories are empty).  It will keep doing this indefinitely until I close out of the drawing.  Happens with any drawing.  The same drawings opened up on the other computer do not produce this issue.  This strange behavior with Solidworks on this system happens whether you open the document from the local hard drive or from the network.  Also, the CPU utilization when using SW is between 0-2%, network card is idle, not much happening on the system at all. Happens with firewall and AV unloaded. Not sure what else could be causing this issue on this system. I wanted to avoid having to uninstall and reinstall--so does anyone have any other ideas before I take that plunge?


Any other application on this system runs absolutely normally, so it is definitely in the SW program on this system.