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How do vault users manage their deign libraries? Do you use toolbox?

Question asked by Jesse Helms on Apr 9, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by Michael Wallom

A discussion came up in regards to how we manage our design library here at work and I would like to know what other users/companies out there are doing. We currently have SW 2010 w/ PDM workgroup and our design library is managed on a shared network drive.  One of the things being brought up by other users is why we dont use the Toolbox addin. It sounds like (from reading through discussions) alot of companies dont use it and utilize there own libraries and the question was what are the limitation of toolbox and why do companies choose not to use it? Also, the question came up about the possibility of managing the design library with in the vault itself.  Part of the reasoning behind this idea is that when checking out a large assembly from PDM the files are writen to our PDM working folder on our individual c: drives so we are working locally with the exception of our hardware that is still being accessed over the network.  The thought was if we had our hardware in the vault and it was checked out and then resided locally we would eliminate possible perfomace degradation caused from working over a network.  Is any one out there doing anything like this? Now, with the design library, we do realize that you can not check in non-revisioned managed parts into the vault and if we did put them in revision stat they would rev up everytime we added a config which wouldnt be good.  So we thought if we left them as a working copy and if one person had ownership(a library manager) then they would always be read only when users checked out assemblies with hardware in it. The company is new to SW and they jumped right into it and also right into using vault with out any clear procedures and work flows set.  We are now trying to address this and make things more profecient so we are having weekly meetings during lunch as an open forum to throw out ideas such as above and then researching those ideas.  We do have support and we are working with our VAR on things, this post is just more about seeing what other users are doing our there.

Thanks everyone!