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Scheduler to edit K-factor

Question asked by Jasmin Hosic on Apr 9, 2010

I just recently modeled and drew up a large quantity of bus bars.  I used a K-factor of .4 but when we got the material in, we reverse engineered a k-factor fo .35.  I need to update this k-factor on all of the models but don't really want to waste my time going through all of them individually.  Does anybody know of a way to do this using the Task Manager.  I thought about recording a macro to do this but it hasn't worked for me in the past (limited visual basic knowledge).  So, I need a way to update all of the k-factors for the parts, update the drawings, and save them as pdfs.  I know how to set up the latter two but I'm wondering if I can have the scheduler change the k-factor as well.