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    Pneumatic Diagram

    Dan Tegman

      What is the best way to draw a pneumatics diagram in SW? Do you just start a new sketch and them make a drawing from that?

      I have not found any valve sketches in the tool box, or do I have to draw each one?


      Any suggestions? Sorry I have never done it in SW.


      Thank you in advance!



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          Josh Brady

          The best way is to not do it in SolidWorks.


          SolidWorks is solid modeling software with some drafting capability.  Any sort of 2-D drawing/drafting/whatever you want to call it is a PITA in SolidWorks.  You'd do better using DWGeditor or (if you have it) Visio.  Visio is specifically designed for schematic type prints.

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            Tom Parent

            I agree with Josh that these types of diagrams are best done in Visio, or something similar.  The "pro" version of Visio comes pre-loaded with a full library of pneumatic schematic (hey that rhymes!) symbols.  You can then insert your Visio diagram as an OLE object in the Solidworks drawing.


            However, to answer your question:


            You can go ahead and just start sketching in drawing mode.  First create an "Empty" view.  (Insert > Drawing View > Empty) and place your sketch entities in there.  This will "group" everything to make it easier to move things around en masse.  I presume you know about the SW Block functionality?  If not, check out the SW help on blocks; it'll save you a lot of headaches.


            Some manufactures have symbol DXFs on their websites.  For instance:



            This would be a good start to build your own SW symbol library.


            Good luck!