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Control which sketch entity conforms to the other

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by Eric Snyder

When sketching and using the tangent relation one entity has to move to conform to the other. It always seems that it is the entity that I do not want to move. I have tried selection order and that does not seem to help. I have found that fixing the entity I do not want to move usually works but many times creates a boat load of broken references.


Is there a way to control this?




Also, if I sketch a arc and the connect a spline to the arc and make them tangent I lose control over the spline except for the little length triangle. If I try using the spline control where it is connected and tangent to the arc then the only thing I can do is change the length. Notice how the little dot and diamond is black?



The only ways I have found to change the arc is to actually change the arc which leads to some clumsy control over the spline or to add a construction line. After yuou add the construction line you can drag it just like you should be able to drag the spline control.


Anybody have a better way around this?