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PDM Workgroup Viewer

Question asked by Robert Chivers on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2010 by Robert Chivers

A little help required please.


We've been using PDMWorks and Solidworks for a few years now and have just purchased a PDMWorks Viewer license (5 seats) in order to allow viewing access for non CAD users. Has anybody got any information on how to get it working, and what's involved?.


I cannot seem to find any information through the help files?. Where do I input the registration code that starts 'pdmworks_as-'. I've added that to the Vault license through 'Vault admin' and changed the Vault license from 'Normal' to 'SolidWorks PDM Works Viewer' is this right???. Should I have 'Solidwork Explorer' installed on the Vault machine?


I've assumed I need to install 'Solidwork Explorer' on the client machine to enable access to the Vault but I cannot get the 'PDMWorks' add-in to work. What license key to I use? Do the clients need Explorer???


Or am I going about this all wrong?


Any help much appreciated!!