Kevin De Smet

2 easy options that would be useful

Discussion created by Kevin De Smet on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by Charles Culp

I have gathered from co-workers what they like and dislike about the UI of Solidworks, some coming from Inventor or Pro Engineer. And it might be nice to add these simple enhancements, perhaps as options just like the ability to invert the mouse wheel zooming (which I love!)


  • Double clicking on a feature or sketch in the featuremanager or graphics area, edits the feature.
  • Double clicking the middle mouse button is a constant "Accept" while  double clicking the right mouse button is a constant "Cancel".


I agree double clicking a feature showing the feature dimensions is handy, but depending on what you do not as handy as merely going to edit that feature. And the same is true for MMB acting as a "zoom to fit" is handy but maybe not as handy as a combination of MMB/RMB being OK/Cancel.


These could be options to tailer the software to how the user wants to work, or work for that session.


I know that Instant3D already has this sort of functionality, but, only for a sketch. So that's a little peculiar.


Either way. What are your thoughts on these 2 options?