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Win 7 lags on mouse click.

Question asked by Jesse Helms on Apr 8, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2010 by Jesse Helms

I recently upgraded my OS from XP 64 to Win 7 64 and last night while working i noticed that there is a slight lag when i click on anything wether it be a surface in my my model or clicking on tool bar.  Anytime i mouse click it takes about a 1-2 seconds before something happens, not that big of a deal yet put it could quickly get annoying.  I didnt have this with XP or atleast didnt notice it and what I was working on last night was no bigger or complex than what i was working on with XP installed.  My system specs are as follows:


Dell T3500

2.93 GHz Xeon W3540

nVidia quadro FX1800


300GB SATA, 10K RPM Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst Cache

Win 7 Prof 64

SW 2010 SP 0.0



I realize I could use more RAM and plan on getting more, i simply sacrified RAM at the time of purchase in order to get a faster HD and processor...RAM is fairly cheap and easy to upgrade. Again, i didnt notice this with XP so im hoping its just a setting in Win 7. Any help is appreciated.