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Knowledge Based Engineering ( KBE ) tools

Question asked by Jeetendra Prasad on Apr 8, 2010
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Hi All,




We have been trying for assembly and drafting automation on basis of parametric model and knowledge based rules. We have tried to do so using SW API. But we are finding it extremely slow with this approach. Also the level of detailing is very less as compared to manual decisions in autocad. We work in power industry and manufacture industrial boilers.




My requirement is simple Model and drawing automation with  manufacturable drawing outputs. Our automation involves creation of User Interface in assembly modelling environment and once user gives his inputs then we update model and then we generate drawings with that. Also the user inputs should dynamic  highlight the parts and dimensions and updation should also be dynamic.I also seek automatic revision control of drawings with that. Our model is very very hugh which affectes the SW performance so we seek a performance centric solution. We have lots of piping in my model which should be generated  correctly  using user inputs.



I am now evaluating KBE tools which are mentioned by Solidworks website in their Partner Product seaarch page. I get following results :-



Product Name: DriveWorks, DriveWorksX...

Product Name: TactonWorks

Product Name: spyydmaxx® Enterprise

Product Name: iNorming

Product Name: AutomateWorks®

Product Name: KBMax


etc, etc.



So I want feeedback from the community of all the references provided by solidworks.






Jeetendra Prasad


Jeetendra Prasad | Sr. Automation Engineer, Thermax India.