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Discussion created by Jim Sculley on Apr 7, 2010
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execute an addin method as an action in a transition?


I want to pop up a form at a transition and it seems that I have 3 options:


A.  Use the 'Execute Task' action with an add-in that uses a template card.  This is the most straightforward and the least customizable.  For instance, say I have a text box for which I want to let the user know how many characters they have left to use in a length limited description.  I don't think I can do that with a template card.


B.  Use the 'Execute Task' action with an add-in that has a custom user form.  This allows me to put whatever bells and whistles I want on the form.  The problem is that tasks are inherently slow to execute, simply because they are asynchronous.  The long pause between the time the transition is initiated and the time the form pops up will annoy the users.  Same would apply for option A above.


C.  Use the 'Execute Command' action to run a separate program that pops up a custom form.  This is customizable and more synchronous than a task.  Great.  Seems to address the problems with options A abd B.   The downside is that this is now an external process that isn't privvy to the file(s) involved in the transition, unlike an add-in where that information is passed in to the OnCmd method.


I would like to see a new transition action (Call Add-in Method) that allows you to specify an add-in name and a method name from the add-in to execute.  The parameters to this method would include all the relevant transition data (similar to OnCmd) so that the code could do whatever work is necessary.


Give me this and there is nothing that I cannot do.


Jim S.