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Will Solidworks 2010 run on my computer?

Question asked by Rick McWilliams on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by Jeff Mowry

I am still running SW2007.  I would like to buy SW2010. I do not think that it will run on my old reliable Dell Precision M70 laptop with NVidia Quadro 1400 graphics card.  I down loaded eDrawings 2010. It runs like poop.  I can see the model but rotations are painfully slow and parts of the model disappear during motion. The options or graphic acceleration are greyed out.  The recommended NVidia driver will not install on this machine. Solidworks recommended drivers seems to only support up to 2009 for my machine.


I do not want to add my reliable big old laptop to the enviromental scrap heap at this time. Maybe there is some un-approved graphics driver that will work?