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When Exporting to DXF, decimal points in layer names change to underscores

Question asked by Adam Robinson on Apr 7, 2010

I use a plotter/cutter table that reads DXF files. I previuosly used AutoCad and had imported all my layers into SolidWorks. My problem is when i create a sketch and export it to a DXF it changes the decimal points in my Layer name to an underscore. (i.e.  "0.125C 0.0625N"  becomes "0_125C 0_0625N")

This creates a problem because my plotter table can no longer understand the layer name with an underscore in it.


Is there a seeting i can change to allow the name to keep its decimal point?


Or will Solidworks not allow a decimal point in a filename/ layername when exported to DXF?


Any insight on this issue would be appreciated.