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Question asked by Alex Schmidt on Apr 6, 2010
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I am currently working on flow in settling tanks for biodiesel production.  The process uses large tanks to allow separation of Glycerin from the Biodiesel.  I am inputting the two fluids with .9 concentration of Biodiesel and .1 concentration of Glycerin.  The more dense Glycerin should settle and drain at the outlet at the bottom of the tank and there is another outlet at the top of the tank to drain the less dense Biodiesel.  I guess my question would be if Flow Simulation calculates the separation, and how would I do it?


I have set outlet goals for “mass fraction” and “volume fraction” of the two fluids, but I have been getting the same concentrations that I have specified for the inlet.  I noticed that under my environment pressure boundary condition (outlets) that it also specifies the concentrations, I thought that that might be the cause for the problem. 


Any help would be appreciated.