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SolidWorks Simulation Professional Training Manual

Question asked by Re Ej on Apr 6, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2010 by Tom Nuessen

I found some training files at Solidwoks web site and it says on the web page ( that these files are the companion to the training book that is provided during the class,I was able to find this guide or official training manual on the but it is for 2006 version is there anyway that I can get this training manual without going to the class as I can not afford the training at my own these days so if any of you friends have taken this simulation professional training and want to sell your manual please let me know or if you know some place where I can buy it.

Thnaks for the help!


Note:Solidworks customer service told me to contact training providers to see if they can sell it but those guys want people to take the course rather than selling the guide.