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SW Slow Down in Drawings

Question asked by Checkcheck Master on Apr 4, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2010 by Jerry Steiger

Discussed earlier but not satisfied enough.

Many of our customers deliver there dwg ship design to us to engineer a propellershaftsystem and/ or ruddersystem.

My workaround:

I'll copy and paste the needed area from the dwg into a part sketch and save as a part, before I'll copy and paste I'll translate the dwg to one layer with one color and off course I'll explode the existing blocks etc.

Next I put that part in an assembly followed by a positioning part, a part with again only a sketch with some points, lines and dimensions to control the position of the sterntube- and/ or rudder installation.

The first part with the copied dwg info is fixed in the assembly, no mates are pointing to that part, when the customer deliver an updated dwg I easily copy and paste the new info.

The part with the position sketch can have some external references to the first part, not necessarily because it's even fixed in space.

I'll use the 'positioning part' to mate everything and to keep a clear overview off the attached mates.

Both at part and assembly level I'm satisfied with the performance of SW with this workaround.


The pain comes when I want to make a drawing from the assembly, everything became real slow on my 5 months old ' SW 2010 SP2.1, W7, HP Z400 with FX1800'.

My opinion is that SW don't like that much lines in the part with the copied dwg info, when I try to edit that sketches everything slow down.

Is there an option that SW only view that part without calculating it all the time, for example to see the part only as a vectorbased picture would be enough.


Anyone knows a better workaround to increase the performance especially in drawing mode ?

Remember I'm not talking about big assembly's with hundreds of parts, 50 parts is maximum.

Please let me know !

Last months I'll get the feeling that SW isn't the right program for this kind of job, I'm spending to much time fighting with the software instead of thinking about better products, too many bugs, crashes and slow downs or simple things that just don't work, disappointing about SW 2010, time for the next SP or time for an other 3D application ?


Greetings !