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Split line Grumpy

Question asked by Carter West on Apr 3, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2010 by Neil Larsen

Is it me? Or the nature of the beast?


When I discovered the wonderful world of split lines (thank's to Matt and the Bible) it opened many flexible possibilities for design intent.  But, I also found that if I went back into a feature above the split line features, even in a rolled back state, you destroy the split line elements that you created after the newly edited features.


For example ( I can't show the file because it's still in pre-production prototype) I made a thing with a fancy curved surface.  I couldn't use Wrap feature so I used split line, offset to zero, then thicken cut for engraving the logo.  I go down the tree adding some more features as required by the ID and then marketing comes back and changes the logo.  No problem.  Except, that when I changed the sketch that held the original split lines, I had to re-assigned the split lines.  The logo worked great.  But every split line feature afterwards blew up and had to be completely re entered.  It was a big deal because it was about an hours work.


So, did I do something dumb? or is this a goof in the software?


Thanks, Carter  (SW2010 sp2.1.)

split line.png