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BOM Numbering Question

Question asked by Timm Schaetz on Apr 2, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2010 by Derek Bishop
We have two different part naming structures.  Our manufactured parts are in the form XXXXXXX (for example 1502011).  Our purchased parts are in the form AXXX-XXXXXXXXXX (for example A325-123456789).  The assembly drawings are such that they include a BOM on the drawing.  Is there a way to give all manufactured parts a number from 1-249 and all purchased parts a number from 249-499?  We were also going to go as far as then putting fasteners as numbers 500 and up.  Maybe I am thinking about this way too much but this is how it has always been.  We have tried renumbering in the BOM itself but if changes to parts are made or something is added then the whole Bill gets hosed up while trying to renumber.  I would also consider going to a different style ballon for each manufactured vs purchased part.  Thanks a lot in advance.