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A walk on the Dark Side.

Question asked by Reggie McKelvy on Apr 1, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by James Manleyj

I am not sure what came over me but I took a walk on the Dark Side and went to an Inventor User Group Meeting. Wow was I blow away. Massive crowd, incredible food, awesome presentations and cool door prizes several for everyone; it was just a mind warping experience. And then I woke up as my head hit the desk. There were twenty people, two were from the only reseller in attendance and snacks included soda/water, chips & a small candy bar if you snatched it on the bowl on the receptionist’s desk.


The meeting started with a few videos of Inventor 2011 capabilities. Then the only presentation was from a new inventor user on Iparts & Iassemblies. I would say more but was busy texting my wife saying how bored I was and was think about where to grab a hamburger. Oh then there was the door prizes, wait that was in the dream.


Overall, Inventor 2011 has some neat features that compare to SW 2008. I did meet another SW user there with over 12yrs of experience. He is trying to pickup Inventor because his new employer has AutoCAD and uses it with a third party application. Oh, the third party application is having trouble running on any Inventor after 2008. He wishes he was still using SolidWorks.


Anyhow, the San Antonio SW User Group wins hands down. We have a great group of users, support of our resellers and awesome presentations.


Just thought I would share.