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Odd display behavior in 2010

Question asked by Matt Hampshire on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2010 by Matt Hampshire

I've upgraded from SW09 to SW2010 SP2.1 about 3 weeks ago (waiting on IT dept.) and since then I've had no end to troubles.


Sone of the problems seem to have been worked out, but the persistant ones are pretty annoying:


1) SW2010 "hangs" frequently. It just stops responding when I open a 2009 or 2010 assembly. I try it a few times, reboot, whatever and it works again.


2) The topic for this question: The model is not displayed, or displayed incorrectly. It's there...... just not shown. The shadows are always present though.Usually, some components are shown, and the others will appear when I mouse over them. Sometimes, it's just not there at all, and the outline of the part displays when I mouse over a component.


I attached a screen video capture to show what I mean. On one hand, it seems Z-clipping is wrong, but it really just drops components at random.


I'm running an older machine, four years old..... and aren't likely to get another one until the company budget allows.The machine runs perfectly outside of SW.

-The SW09 display parameters didn't work in SW10

-I've been through the display settings time and time, and even resorted to "trying stuff" tweaking settings, etc.

-I don't know if running OPENGL works or if it was just so friggin' slow that SW never had a chance to error out, because I didn't get much done in the two days I run OPENGL.

-I've had harware acceleration at every setting including OFF, antiailias, screen resolution, many many settings. I can't seem to make a difference better or worse.


Dell Precision M20 running XP

2Gb ram, +1.3Gb free running SW2010 with a medium sized model.

ATI Mobility FireGL V3100 running the latest drivers that worked perfectly in SW09

Plenty of drive space, the system is in top condition.



Any thoughts would be appreciated... SW support said my machine is no longer supported or compatible or something.