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    Description (file properties) in a drawing file

    Dan Balean

      I manage the drawing numbers through a description note in the model file; setting up a "description" field in the file properties in the drawing file will not update the dwg number on the print, is this normal?

      Also the revision# can be changed through the properties in the print file, it won't be carried over from the model file.   This is acqward as my Rev# is included into the dwg# so I have to open 2 files to have it updated instead of having one setting controlling the same feature in several files.

      Is it how it's supposed to work? 


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          Robert Feliciano



          I totally empathize with the confusion. The use of properties is awesome when populating BOMs and Drawing formats but taking the time to understand the ins and outs of linking what-to-what can be daunting. Properties can belong to your Model (such as the description, weight, P/N and appropriately Revision number), to your sheet (Company name -if you offer services and have different clients that you detail for, date drawn, by, etc.), views (bubble callouts, BOMs, weldment tables) or the current document.


          One has a few property prefixes to learn-


          ...if the property starts with....         SW evaluates it from.....

          $PRP                                              The current document

          $PRPSHEET                                   The default model view set in the Sheet Properties (likely the vw. of the model you just dropped in the dwg.)

          $PRPVIEW                                      The view (duh!)

          $PRPMODEL                                    The model (2xduh!)


          What's weird is that when you set the custom property 'description' in the model- $PRPMODEL is not the property prefix you see in the annotation or text link on your drawing format. It's actually $PRPSHEET:"Description".


          If you went through the trouble of creating a custom property named 'Description' for your drawing (in addition to the one created in your model) and you have 'Current document' selected in the 'Link to Property' dialog, picking 'Description' from the drop-down will not be the same 'Description' you set in your model properties list. If it's blank, your linked text will not update.


          Now that your eyes are totally glazed over, try this;


          right click the text you've assigned to link to on your drawing, select 'Edit Text in Window'. If you see $PRP:"Description" change the $PRP portion to $PRPSHEET. Be careful not to add any spaces or delete any quote marks.


          Alternately delete the entire entry, ok it then re-select the text box (should still be there), hit the link-to-property button in the Text Format box on the left, click the 'Model in view specified in sheet properties' radio button and use the 'Description' there from the dropdown.


          You should have the correct 'Description' property you set up in your model.


          Moral of the story; you don't need to create 2 'Description' properties. You just need to point to the right one. Same for the rev. property or any other you create.