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    Brett Esseltine

      I am fairly new to Solid Works and need some help. I am trying to copy the profile of an assembly component to use for a mating component, does that make sense? I want to take the profile on extrusion and create a bracket with the same profile.

      What is the easiest way to do this? I tried to import but it tells me it the wrong file type to import.

          Ryan Laplante

          I think you are looking for convert edges.


          If your file type is not one that Solidworks imports it gets expensive quick.


          if you can import the geometry start a new sketch where you  need the bracket to be and select all the edges you want to use for an extrude then convert entities, if the profiel is good with no gaps and all teh edges convert its just a simple extrude.


          If you need to fix the geometry or do any surface work to the model to make it usable it is beyond the scope of a simple reply - but youtube has tons and tons of great videos on getting started with SW


            Mark Kaiser
            You can insert parts into parts, and edit parts in assemblies.  Are all the files you're working with native SW files?
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                Brett Esseltine
                Yes they are existing SW files, in fact I am trying to modify and existing part. The profile of the extrusion is actually in our system as a block, and was used to create the original bracket, the part that is attached to the brakcet simply changed it's position from 30 degs to 25. (The profiles need to be the same in certain areas.)
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                    Ibrahim Arda

                    If I did not misunderstand the problem, you want your part changed after you change the other related parts in your assembly.

                    If this is so please use the Convert Entities function or if you cannot select the edge use Intersection curve  by selecting the intersecting plane and the surfaces. After you did these the program automatically generates "On Edge" relation and chages perfectly until you does not change the same id'd edge (you must not have an another feature that changes your profile, in this case there will be an error).So please use "No External References" to get avoid the errors and fix all the geometry. But you must define the sketch in the assembly on the referenced part(in the "Edit Part" mode) , i mean the part which moves the bracket If you do this you will have moving sketch in the assembly


                    Now you can add any mates you want.