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    Change Angular Dimensions to Inches

      Is there are way to do this in a drawing?


      Thank you in advacne for yoru support.

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          Harold Brunt
          Do you really want inches? Perhaps inches at a specific distance? Or maybe you are thinking arcminutes or arcseconds or Radians? Percent Grade?
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            May need some clarification on the question. Nothing really transfers from angular to length, but my best assumption is that you are looking to dimension the length of an arc. There is no automated way to change the angular dimension then to the arc, unless you build a macro which is probably the harder way unless you're switching a bunch of prints.


            From the help files though here is how to dimension the length of an arc.


            1. In an open sketch, click Smart  Dimension (Dimensions/Relations toolbar) or Tools, Dimensions, Smart.

            2. Click the arc.

            3. Click the two endpoints of the arc.

            4. Move the pointer to show the dimension preview.

            5. Set the value in the Modify box and click .

            6. Click to place the dimension.


            If this is not what you're looking for, can you please clarify the question.

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              Robert Feliciano

              Harold's right. Need more info.


              But if what you want is an inch dimension of the length of an arc as long as your Units properties are set to IPS, select the end points of the arc then the arc itself.


              Caveat- you may have to place points on the arc (coincident to the arc anywhere or on the quadrant 'hotpoints') if you're querying a circle feature.



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                  It is the arc length I am looking for, in inch units.  Instead of selecting two lines from the center point of the arc and getting an angular degree to locate the center of slots that are along the arc, convertingthat dimension to inches,  I have added sketch points along the full length of the arc to break the arc into segments and dimensioned the slot locations by selecting the arc, then selecting the two end points that are coincident with the angular lines that go through the center of each slot.


                  Thanks everyone!


                  Appreciate the communciation.



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                      Dwight Livingston
                      "Segments"? "Slots"? I'm not sure you have it. Look at Robert Feliciano's post, which says to pick an endpoint, pick the other endpoint, then pick the arc. That will dimension the arc length.
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                        Roland Schwarz
                        Pick eack arc endpoint and then the arc segment to get arc length.
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                            That is what I am doing; tried picking in different orders to get different results. (see attached file above) I believe this is a limitation of the software and has been for at least the last four years. Really, I just wanted to post this thread to see if there was something new or if someone might have offered up a macro that would resolve this limitation......OR give me some direction if it's not a limitation after all.


                            I really appreciate your response. If you come up with another idea, please do let me know. I am sure others that are dimensioning slots along arc length are running into this same issue. I will contact technical support today to see if they have a resolution and let you know what kind of feedback I get.


                            Thanks again.


                            All the best,


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                                It pays to ask questions!  When you've been doing something for so long, sometimes your mind just sees 'what it is used to seeing'.  There is a nice little radio button in the leaders tab now that you can check to get the desired results of aligning radial arc length dims. Teh tech guy could only trace it back to SW2009, SP5.1, but I would be interested in knowing when this little button was introduced! All the tech calls....See the attached wrod document that has a pic illustrating the button.


                                Thanks everyone for your support. I am really excited to have brought some resolution to this topic.


                                Very much appreciated,


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                                  Robert Feliciano

                                  Tiney, you're definately on to something! I've tried to re-create and found no click-select way to get the center marks and an edge arc linear dimension without 'cheating' and re-creating lines and points along edges. Ugh. Messy.


                                  Although there are definately other methods to communicate the design intent (GD&T for an obvious example), I can see how what you're trying to accomplish would be much appreciated by Design Inspection/QC and certainly the person responsible for making the part. Not to mention that even a novice drafter can do this on a board or ACAD 9 if he wants to get fancy.


                                  You got my vote for requesting this function be added- if it doesn't exist in some deep, dark corner of the software! Kindly let us know what the response is from your tech support.