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Best method to produce punch outs in sheet metal

Question asked by Grahame Line on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2010 by Grahame Line

Hi all


I was wondering if anybody has a method of producing punch outs on a sheet metal part which can then be flat patterned for drawing views etc


By a punch out I mean a partially punched hole which is still attached to the sheet metal plate - which can then be forced or broken away by hitting or pushing by a third party......(hope this makes sense?).  See attached pictures...


Punchout Problem.JPG


Punchout Flat Pattern.JPG

Are there any tools / procedures in sheet metal which can create the punchouts and enable flat pattern


Have attached .sldprt for your pleasure ! and hopefully to show you the problem I am trying to overcome.


Any help would be greatfully recieved - many thanks,