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Structures & fasteners

Question asked by Roy Potter on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2010 by Tom Helsley

I'm interested to know how others build models of structures using weldments, beams and the like.

Do you fill every hole with a relevant fastener?

If so is this a manual operation or some automatic method eg toolbox or other third party add-on.



I've given up with using toolbox to fill the holes as it fails 9/10 times to put the fastener in correctly and does not work well with mutliple instances of parts.

On some of the models I have, filling every hole is extremely time consuming and heavy on resources.

I know I can hide the parts create configs etc but this is still a really time consuming operation.



as an aside (should possibly be another thread)

Is there a way of pointing to a hole/series and saying what type of bolt should be there without actually putting anything in?

This information would be used in the bom and when pointing to the connection would appear in a note - if required.