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Best Import File Type

Question asked by 1-IO6KWW on Mar 29, 2010
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At my workplace, we use GibbsCAM for machining. They've recently aqcuired SolidWorks. We're trying to import some of the files from GibbsCAM to SolidWorks. I'm trying to figure out the best format to import into SolidWorks. IGES, STEP, etc. I've been trying IGES but when I do feature recognition I get some features with errors like filets being unable to be created. I also seem to have issues after feature recogntion. It will find most of the features, but then it will have a feature called something like "Imported3" in the feature tree which has the rest of the part that feature recogntion doesn't find. Is that normal, or is it because of the file type, or because of how it's drawn in Gibbs.


On a side note, after feature recogontion and saving a part, how do I make it so it doesn't prompt me to do feature recognition everytime I open the part.


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