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    Best Import File Type



      At my workplace, we use GibbsCAM for machining. They've recently aqcuired SolidWorks. We're trying to import some of the files from GibbsCAM to SolidWorks. I'm trying to figure out the best format to import into SolidWorks. IGES, STEP, etc. I've been trying IGES but when I do feature recognition I get some features with errors like filets being unable to be created. I also seem to have issues after feature recogntion. It will find most of the features, but then it will have a feature called something like "Imported3" in the feature tree which has the rest of the part that feature recogntion doesn't find. Is that normal, or is it because of the file type, or because of how it's drawn in Gibbs.


      On a side note, after feature recogontion and saving a part, how do I make it so it doesn't prompt me to do feature recognition everytime I open the part.


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          Jeff Mowry
          Try parasolid, since it's the native kernel/engine for SolidWorks.  Other than that, I'm not terribly familiar with FeatureWorks, since I generally just rebuild anything imported.
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            Dan Eldred

            i always sent my cnc guys step files and as far as feature recognition goes.... good luck. you can consider it in it's infancy and very buggy. i too usually just rebuild what's imported.

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              Mark Kaiser

              Feature recoginition doesn't complete files when you import them from various file types, what you see is what you get.  If you're happy with what you see, save it as a SW part file (.sldprt), and I don't think SW will ask to recognize the features again.

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                Lenny Bucholz

                Here is how it works! I'm a CAM guy, ask Jeff I used to do work for him in Phoenix when his company was here.


                Let me ask first, are the files from GIBBs clean, meaning it looks like a nice solid or do you have surfaces overlapping?

                You see if its not clean coming out of Gibbs or any other CAD/CAM software you will have issues, if you have stuff on hidden layers, it will cause issues.


                So your problems could be two fold, bad modeling in Gibbs to SW trying to make a clean solid for that. FeatureWorks is ok, But it will not reconize every little thing you think it will, round holes are revolves, if it can't figure it out it leaves it a blob, so you may get 100% on one file and 25% on another and some where in between on the next, you catch my drift. I have used SW with Feature works for a long time and have had more struggles than victories, it takes more time than importing, dropping the part into an assembly and using it as a template to make the part from scratch, hell if you already have the drawing for the part you cut in Gibbs, use that and your there.


                now for why it keeps asking to feature reconize, it will tell you go to tools/add-ins and turn off featureworks, yes that simple. because you never finished the featureworks it thinks your not done.


                hope this helps! I am a modelmaker, machinist, CAM programmer, Ex-SW tech support and a SW instructor at ASU.