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Manual SP2.1 download for 2010?

Question asked by Dougal Hiscock on Mar 29, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2010 by Dougal Hiscock

When I download a service pack, I like to save all the download files so when my computer needs re-installed I don't have to spend days downloading again.

But with 2010 I can't find out how this is done.  I've just spent a while stuck in a loop where the "click to download" took me to a screen linking two windows updates.  Downloaded those to the directory it wanted and it just kept telling me to do it again.


I can go back to the "administrative download" which asks me to download a whole list of files totalling about 5GB.  Basically the entire DVD.  With average download speeds of 3Mb (that's ~300k/s) I'd like to avoid doing that.


This is very frustrating.  With 2009 and earlier there was a zip file between 200 and 2000mb which had everything needed to run with the original DVD.  Does anyone know an easy way to acheive this with 2010?


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