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Master Parts and Design Tables

Question asked by John Sutherland on Mar 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by John Sutherland

After reading discussions here on Master Parts, I wrote myself a note saying that master parts could be inserted in both the top assembly and reusable sub assemblies.  Then I thought that it was nonsensical to build a reusable sub assembly on a master part created for a unique top assembly.


Now I am thinking that master parts may be good for laying out complex assemblies in resource lean segment assemblies.  When the segment assemblies are inserted into the top assembly there will be multiple instances of the master part, and its design table, in the top assembly.


If one instance of the design table is changed, will the others be independent, or in lock step with the changed one?


Was this the problem with Christopher's windows?


Is the workaround to insert uniquely named, but identical, configurations of the design table in the top assembly?


If instead of master parts I employ Layout planes in sub assemblies, then when the sub assemblies are inserted into a top assembly, are just the solids inserted, or are the layout planes inserted too?


If the former, then what happens to mates to the layout plane?


Which SW training course addresses these issues?