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    Fixture setting - need help


      I'm working on the can crusher and not so sure about my fixture setting. I have it fixed at the handle and a 100 lb against the slider. Please give me some advise on this setting.

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          David Maxham
          Maybe the other way around?   Put the force on the handle.
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            Loic Ancian

            Always same question : what do you expect from this analysis?


            If you are looking for disp or stresses when your can is crushed, or before it is starting to buckle, then a static analysis could be ok, but you will need to know what is the stiffness of your can (before it buckles).


            I don't know, maybe you could fix the 4 holes of your purple part, define a spring between two faces in contact with the can (to take stiffness of your can into account), and apply a force to the handle.??


            An other option would be to apply a prescribed displacement to the handle and mesure as a result the reaction force needed to perform this displacement...


            This analysis will give results as accurate as your inputs will be.