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Curvature Comb Kink

Question asked by Kevin De Smet on Mar 26, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2012 by Pet Peever

I have noticed now for quite some time, that there are sometimes kinks in the curvature comb of a spline with more than 4 points, when it creates a span. This is noticeable in the curvature comb plot, but, is it of much concern?


I haven't made much real products yet, so I'm wondering. Now to a purist, the comb with the span looks bad. But would you ever really see this? Unless it's high end auto or aero, for which Solidworks does not market itself anyway. Would you notice this on, say, a consumer product design?


I personally don't think so... but I would like to get opinions on this


The spline on the left has 5 spline points, and the spline on the right  has 4.