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Task Scheduler to 'Convert Workgroup PDM Files'

Question asked by 1-DA1KBW on Mar 25, 2010

Trying to use Task Scheduler to 'Convert Workgroup PDM Files' to convert PDM Workgroup Vault files from 2009 to 2010. The Task doesn't ever seem to start. I get 'Completed-Subtasks Generated' in Status, but Start Time and End Time is the same, and shows 0 of 0 files converted.


I'm using pdmwadmin user on a RW project in the vault, machine is plenty adequate, tried un-checking the auto-start for Workgroup Add-In, tried on different machines, different Administrators, SW open and closed, whole vault, one project, made sure the start time is in the future...


Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't update the vault?


SW 2010

Windows XP 32bit


Any help?