Chris Laudermilk

Automating Admin Image Installs

Discussion created by Chris Laudermilk on Mar 25, 2010

This seems to be a holy grail for many of us and I've been on the quest as well. I have been cobbling together the information from this forum and some from the SWW2010 seminar and have come pretty darn close to the 1-click goal--I have it at 2 clicks. I have been doing extensive testing & tweaking on my own machine and will run a live install on our engineering department tomorrow. Once I've proven in a live environment that my batches work, I'll package them up and post them.


In the meantime, I know there's been question on what the GUIDs of the SolidWorks programs are for running the msiexec unistall. Here is what I've gleaned so far:


x86: {AF2066F6-7C57-46A1-A306-077EBBFC7B2B}
x64: {E9173A5F-22A6-4152-848E-45851DB99162}

SolidWorks Explorer
x86: {2D8D14CC-5B31-44B9-87FC-BEC3D8AFFD1D}
x64: {2D8D14CC-5B31-44B9-87FC-BEC3D8AFFD1D}

x86: {56DCD20A-E558-4396-AF59-14D15AA737BB}
x64: {56DCD20A-E558-4396-AF59-14D15AA737BB}

x86: {8080CB37-3FB3-4AFE-AB1F-A574C418A95E}

x86: {A786161E-959C-4B4B-AA6D-7424C13CCCF2}
x64: {A786161E-959C-4B4B-AA6D-7424C13CCCF2}

PhotoView 360
x64: {736D2DAD-3D87-4CAA-8646-83D238AD68E0}

DBWorks R11
x86: {9A5055E3-E1C4-447E-A47F-A014B73AEE67}
x64: {5EC00DB5-D292-4211-BCC8-9AEBA8DE9FED}


Note many of hte supporting apps are the same for 32-bit and 64-bit. They are also not changing between service packs (I've tested on 2010 SP0->2.1).  The easy way to find what you have is to run "wmic product" and pipe it to a file on a machine with SW installed. Then examine the file for your instaled apps--the field you are interested in is IdentifyingNumber; use that with the msiexec command to uninstall.