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      We're running SW2006 SP4.1 and have been running into data translation issues from files we've been getting from our customers (usually IGES, STEP or Catia files). We have been spending way too much of our design time trying to fix the data to get it into a usuable solid part and SW translators don't seem to work the best all the time. So we have begun to look at what is available for data translation software to hopefully speed up this process. Just looking for what other people are using and how it is working for you. Thanks!
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          I've had very good success with using translation SERVICES, not software. Most good translation software is so expensive (and also often tricky to "work") that you may be better served to try services first. In general, you get back a usable result or else you don't have to pay for it -- unlike when you buy software. And the people "driving" the software are mostly so expert with it that you don't pay a lot for the results and you don't wait long for the results either. It may not only be better, it may be cheaper unless you just have to translate boatloads of models. Let someone ELSE tear their hair out.

          Just my $.02