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Export data out of EPDM

Question asked by Jiral Parikh on Mar 24, 2010
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Hello Everyone,


We currently use Work Group PDM and we are looking into EPDM. The question I have is actually more suited for VAR. However, I know I can get more realistic answer from actual users.


I have read that EPDM can export data to ERP software. Currently,we use a custom add-in to do this job. This add-in generate 4 different kind of files from solidworks and then our ERP read those files. When I release assembly drawing into the vault, add-in generates one file which has assembly information (assembly number etc.), one file which has drawing information (drawing number etc.), one file which has both assembly and drawing number (this way ERP knows what drawing is made for what assembly), and one file has BOM. These all 4 files has data in a very speific sequence. All files are sent in .dat file format. Most information is Metadata from solidworks files. Some information is constant and stays that way all the time.


Now, if we switch to EPDM, do you guys think that we will be able to get same files with same information from EPDM. We are not allowed to change ERP import program as it is the same program used for all subsidiaries. Most likely, it will involve custom programming. Do you think that it will be work of hours or days. Or do you think we should stick with custom add-in even after switching to EPDM.


Thanks everyone for your time,