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Get used configuration of a reference of a file (API question)

Question asked by Alexander Leisentritt on Mar 24, 2010
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I am searching for a way to get the used configuration of a refernece when i have the file via the API.

I start with a selected file and I have an IEdmFileX interface. Then I call GetReferenceTree and I get an array of all the referenced files as IEdmReferenceX objects.

Now I not only want to know the file id and other stuff that object provides but I need to know which configuration of that reference is used.

This interface doesn't seem to be able to priovide me that.

I read into the IEdmItem interface which has a function GetReferences which returns a list of EdmItemRef objects but it seems I can't convert a given IEdmFileX interface to IEdmItem to use that function.

We don't use items in our vault.

Is there another way to get that since the normal PDM interface in explorer can show me which file are referenced in the selected file AND show me which configuration is used?