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How do you decide if you Renew your Subscription/Maintenance

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Mar 24, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2010 by Matt Spivey

We have have been using SW since 2006.  We have 40-50 licenses.  We use SW to support our business.  We are not a contractor.


After 4 years we are trying to justify the expense of maintenance and support for SW.

It seems that upgrading the software causes more problems then it solves.

Upgading to 2010 has caused us to question why do we do this every year.

The number off times we accually get a resolution to an issues seems to be relativly small for the price we pay for support.


What should happen when an issue is found?  What can we expect?


What do we get for our money?

I plan to make a list of new features and bug fixes that may help to justify the cost.


What should SW provide?


What should the VAR provide?


Should we be hearing from our SW territory representatives?  Should we be calling them out?  What is their role (sales)?


This is a thread from the past that asks the same question.  I've read it but thought I would ask again to get a fresh perspective.


If you reply give us an idea of how you use SW so we understand you persective.