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importing pdf or jpeg of the same image, different results

Question asked by alvise ferro on Mar 23, 2010

Hi Solidworks experts,


I searched the forum for a similar problems but i didn't find anything.


We received today a pdf from an architectural studio, and they asked us to put the pdf on the A0 drawing cause it's the original sketch from the designer: they passed at the scanner an A4 paper.


If i import the pdf on the drawing INSERT/OBJECT/CREATE FROM FILE i obtain an "out of scale" imported item (157x221, and not 210x297): i can fix that in this, ok, because i know it's an A4, so in this case everything is good.

But sometimes maybe i won't know that, so i'm thinking about how to proceed.


But the strange thing is this one: i opened that pdf in Acrobat and i exported it as a jpeg file; after that i imported the jpg in a drawing and in this case the original size of the image is respected (210x297).


Have you ever found this kind of differences with pdfs?