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display freezing in 2010 w/ windows 7

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2010 by Dean Baragar

I wanted to check and see if anyone else is having issues with the display while using windows 7. When I started here 3 months ago my machine was running 2009 and windows 7. On occasion when I attempted to pan, zoom or rotate my model the screen would freeze and a small "winddow" about 1" x 3" would appear where you could see part of the model in smaller size moving. The window usually went away in a couple of seconds but sometimes would hang until the regen icon was activated. As the issue was random and only aan annoyance I let things go. 2 weeks ago we migrated to SW 2010 SP 2.1 and the rest of the users were migrated to windows 7. It did things right taking the machine in and wiping the drive before the install. Since that time we have had 7 of the other 12 users express that they too are having the issue. On my machine the problem has gotten worse to where the screen will hang almost every time I zoom my screen and it usually lasts until I regen the model. Our VAR has been working on the issue and has opened a service request :1-1582923391.

If anyone else is seeing this display issue could you let me know and maybe add your information to the SR?


Thank you