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Floating parts

Question asked by 1-Q90RQI on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by 1-Q90RQI

I was hoping for some opinions on something that is being done with in my company.  There have been issues with constraints with-in alot of our assemblies going bad.  From what i have seen in the forums, there seems to be some instability/issues with constraints in sw 2010 for some users?  What im wanting to know isnt really about what is going on with our constraint (we are already working with our VAR on it) but what is being done by certain people when they run into these constraint issue. They are deleting all the bad constraint that show up, not fixing or replacing with new ones and then simply leaving the parts floating.  Most of the times these assemblies then feed into a next assembly therefore becoming sub assemblies.  So what i want to know is what issues could arrise from this, if any?


Thank to all in advance for your responses.