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General question regarding filenames, and PDM

Question asked by Kevin De Smet on Mar 23, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by Devon Sowell

I'm new to the world of PDM, and don't currently use PDM.


But, as a Solidworks user, there is one thing I always seem to have trouble with, and that is filenames and how they do (or rather, don't) propagate through, as a project evolves. let me explain.


Imagine you have an assembly with parts, you've named those parts with a unique number and name, such as "30041-567_support_bracket" and you later decide you don't need certain parts, or need to add more.


Imagine your list of parts and assemblies are an excel sheet, if you remove a part, all parts or assemblies below it will renumber themselves so the numbering scheme stays lean and clean.


Is PDM used to obtain that kind of behaviour for your Solidworks files?

Or can Solidworks Explorer even be used to do this, and I'm just not in the know


Sorry if this is confusing, because it sure it to me! It seems like such a basic design requirements to keep things clean.