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Solidworks doesn't start ("Sldworks has stopped working")

Question asked by 1-LMB4MA on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2010 by 1-LMB4MA

I may have posted this in the wrong area initially - so am reposting.  This seems to be an intermittent problem but can't figure out why.  I have pasted my original posting below but additionally since then I have looked at Solidworks RX and the only thing I can see there is that there is a yellow X on the service pack line with the code: "Could not open the service pack database, the server may be busy, please try again later.  "  That seems peculiar and I am wondering if the 2009 install is corrupt.


Are there other diagnostics to run to determine the root cause?



Have gotten "Sldworks has stopped working" error message upon loading SW 2009 SP4.1 tonight for about an hour.  As I was starting to type this I tried one more time to be certain of the error code wording and it worked.


History: Had to uninstall/clear SW and re-install 2010 and 2009 yesterday, very carefully following cleaning instruction and install instructions from VAR.  Both worked and opened files fine.  I used SW 2009 SP4.1 all day w/no problem except that my SpaceExplorer no longer worked.  This evening I figured the SpaceExplorer drivers had to be reloaded so while at it I updated them to the latest drivers.  From this point on SW2009 had this error message and wouldn't load.  2010 worked fine and the SpaceExplorer worked.  I uninstalled the 3DConnexion software, still wouldn't load SW09.  Reinstalled 3DConnexion, SW09 wouldn't load, SW10 would and SpaceExplorer worked.


Googled, searched forums w/o any real luck so decided to post here.  Now it is working and SpaceExplorer is working in SW09.  ??????


Anyone know what could have caused this?  I want to avoid doing it again...lost almost 2 hours that I could have been doing client work.



Caleb Newman