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Sketches not visible in assembly-possible hardware problem?

Question asked by 1-7UEHFD on Mar 21, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2010 by Anna Wood

I previously posted this question under assemblies, I'm also posting this here just in case the hardware missmatch from our school computers is creating my issue. Lately some of my assemblies have developed an issue where sketches of components are notvisible, even though the feature design tree says they are. Several of my files have been worked on on our school computers running 32bit XP and Pentium 4 processors (School board prohibits video cards) and my home sytem a Lenovo W500 (certifiedgraphics card and driver) running 64bit Vista. I first noticed this on my home computer, but the problem now shows up on the school computers as well. I'm wondering if something got corrupted while transferring files back and forth. This is the first time I experienced this issue.


I have attached the latest update of a file that exibits the sketch issue. Now one of the components which had different colors assigned to features, is experiencing the same issues with colors. The sketches and colors only become visible when the parts are opened individually, and suppresses in the assembly.


Any ideas whether it is a system setting, or files corrupted by different settings.